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the most comfortable concealed carry holster ever created
  • We own the Patents on comfort!

    Since 2009, our holsters have been designed with a patented three layer backing that completely isolates your handgun from contact with your body.

    The facing leather provides a durable, pliable, and most important, a natural material for your handgun to contact.

    Nate Squared pioneered the use of neoprene in the holster industry.  This waterproof material provides a moisture barrier between you and your handgun and also adds to the comfort of the holster.  Some people have an allergic reaction to neoprene and neoprene doesn’t allow the skin to breathe.  This prompted the use of soft suede leather for contact with your skin.  The suede allows your skin to breathe, so that even when you are in humid environments or are just out working and sweating, it will still feel cool to your skin.

    So, unlike our competitors, we suggest you wear the holster directly against your skin!  No more undershirts!

    All this adds up to a holster that you can wear all day, everyday in unparalleled comfort!



our customers said

I don’t usually do product endorsements but…. I’ve been looking for a holster for years which I could comfortably wear, while working around the house/yard. I don’t know how many holsters I now have in my closet/dresser; they were all uncomfortable, not very secure, or too hot to wear while working in the NM sun.

After reading an article, my Husband bought me this holster for my backup .380 and I LOVE it! I usually carry in the cross draw configuration, because carrying on my hip can be uncomfortable. With this holster I can carry on my hip again. I work in the yard, bend up an down, and the holster and gun remain securely in place. In fact, this thing is so light and comfortable I have to keep checking to make sure it’s still in place and that my gun is still there. Very easy to forget I have it on.

My Husband is going to buy a holster for his gun. If you are looking for the right fit, I highly recommend this product!

Ozome – Hers™ Holster
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