About Us

Our Story began in the summer of 2009.  There was a phone conversation that eventually turned to the subject of the many concealed carry holsters we had tried and how none of them provided enough comfort to be worn all day, every day.  This fact was frustrating to both of us, since you never know when the time may come when you may need your firearm, and it is essential to always have it readily available.

We both had ideas of how to make comfortable concealed carry a reality.  If the holster manufacturers would just develop a design that would provide complete isolation from every part of the handgun. If the materials used were pliable. If there was a moisture barrier to protect the firearm itself.  These things would make the type of holster we were looking for.

At some point during the conversation, and somewhat jokingly, the statement was made that we should just make our own.  Soon we started experimenting with different designs and materials.  We bought a sewing machine, took sewing lessons, and before long we had made holsters for ourselves that were truly unlike anything else available.  Although these first prototypes weren’t pretty to look at, they were extremely comfortable as well as functional to wear during our daily routines.  We worked with them on, forgetting they were there.  We even took naps wearing them!  Soon friends and family started asking for holsters of their own.  It became apparent that we were on to something and Nate Squared Tactical was born!

We would be failing to tell the whole story if we didn’t mention the ongoing support of our wives, without which we could not have made it to this point.  Above all, we thank God and give Him the glory for blessing our business!

Nate Beard & Nate Johnson

N82 Tactical, Inc. Cofounders