• Do your holsters come with a warranty?

Absolutely! You have a Lifetime Warranty that covers all craftsmanship and materials under normal use. We will repair or replace the holster at no charge including shipping the holster back to you!  However, any modifications to your holster from its factory condition will void the Lifetime Warranty.  This applies to using any type of thread locking compound, such as Loctite.  Thread locking compounds can cause a chemical reaction with the polycarbonate that may cause it to crack.

• What is Nate Squared’s Return Policy?

Holsters purchased from the N82 Website in original factory condition may be returned for a refund of the purchase price less shipping anytime within 30 days of shipment.  The refund will be processed within 5 business days after the holster is returned to the following address:

  • N82 Tactical, Inc
  • 472 Grimes Blvd
  • Lexington, NC 27292


The following are a few examples of modifying your holster from its original factory condition:

  • Running over it with your tank.
  • Letting your dog chew on it.
  • Applying heat to your holster.
  • Using hand grenades to test your polycarbonate shell.
• How do you ship?

Orders to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands are shipped via USPS.  All other orders are shipped via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail and a UPS/USPS Tracking number will be provided.  You as the customer get to decide which shipping method you prefer to use!

• How long does it take for you to ship my holster?

Orders are typically shipped within 2-3 business days from our facility.  Please note that this time-frame may change based on the volume of incoming orders.  You will receive an email confirmation of your order when placed, and an additional email on the day that your holster ships with tracking information.

• Will my new Professional Series holster have the new Lockdown Clip?

Absolutely! The Lockdown Clip will be on every holster shipped after 12/1/2015!

If you have a Professional Series holster purchased before 12/1/2015 and would like to upgrade your holster to the new Lockdown Clip, CLICK HERE!

• Can I get the Lock Down Clip on the Original holster, Tuckable holster or Magazine Carrier?

No, the Lock Down Clip is only available for Professional Series holsters, which have an adjustable cant.

• Can I complete my own upgrade of my holster with the new Lockdown Clip?

Unfortunately not.  A special tool was designed to allow the precise placement of your new Lockdown Clip.

However, we do not charge to do this optional upgrade.  The Lockdown Clip and the upgrade work to the holster are absolutely free!

The shipping charge when you order covers the cost of shipping your holster back to you.

The Lock Down Clip is an optional upgrade to Professional Holsters shipped from our facility prior to 12/1/2015.

• How do I handle a broken clip?

In the unlikely event that you have a bent or broken clip, please email our Customer Service department at customerservice@n82tactical.com.  Notify us and provide a complete current shipping address and attach a picture of the bent/broken clip.  We will be glad to provide a replacement clip once we have received your address and photo of the bent/broken clip.

• How do I adjust the cant angle on the Professional Series?

The new Lockdown Clip allows you to loosen the hex screw (“L” hex key included with holster), rotate clip to desired cant angle, and tighten the hex screw to “Lockdown” your desired cant angle.

All Professional Series holsters ordered after 12/1/2015 will come with the Lockdown Clip.

• Why do I not see a Professional holster or a Pro Tandem holster listed for my gun?

We do not make a Professional/Pro Tandem holster for every firearm.  Our website is current with all available holster options for the firearms listed.  At some point in the future, the Nates may add to the Professional and Pro Tandem series of holsters.

If you “Like” our Facebook page, then you will receive notifications in your News Feed when new models are released in the Pro Tandem or the Professional series and when new products are available.

• When will the Pro Tandem be manufactured for my gun?

We plan to make the models that we have available in the Professional series available in the Pro Tandem line as well, but we do not have an ETA as to when a specific model will be available for purchase.  The Nates are adding to the Pro Tandem line in consideration with the amount of requests we have for certain models – making the most popular models first.

If you “Like” our Facebook page, then you will receive notifications in your News Feed when new models are released in the Pro Tandem series.

• Does your holster work well for small-of-the-back carry?

The Original and the Original Tuckable can be carried anywhere inside the waistband, including small-of-the-back. Click here for a full explanation of your options when carrying small-of-the-back.


• How does the Twist Release™ work?

**Please note that in order for the Twist Release™ retention to work as designed, the holster must be worn.  All of our holsters require pressure from the body on the suede side of the holster in order to properly retain the firearm.