NEW FOR 2017!

Check out the new products introduced in 2017!



Nate Squared Tactical introduces the Envoy Series Holster!

The Envoy Series holster uses the same .093 Kydex as the Ambassador Series holster, which provides a smooth drawstroke with a passive retention design.  The single clip design is preferred by some customers who frequently have to take their holster off for work or to enter government buildings.
Nate Squared Tactical is proud to introduce the Ambassador Series Holster!

The Ambassador holster provides an easy and smooth drawstroke by utilizing a passive retention design. This design is perfected by the precision vacuum forming of .093 thick Kydex, so your Ambassador holster will last through years of tough use and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
Complete isolation from the firearm ensures you will have the most comfortable holster available.  Period.


Nate Squared Tactical is proud to introduce the Hers­™ Series Holster!

Hers™ is the first Nate Squared Tactical concealed carry holster engineered for a woman!
Hers™ optimizes comfort and concealability for the female shape and wardrobe.  Unlike most IWB holsters, Hers™ does not require a gun belt and can be used in any carry position including cross draw.  Hers™ can be quickly removed when necessary without ever removing the handgun from the holster.  Hers™ also offers total isolation from every part of your handgun.
With the Hers™ holster you can always be prepared to defend yourself or your family without sacrificing comfort!


The Nate Squared Tactical Bag Holster

Nate Squared Tactical’s Bag Holster comes with Velcro hook on the back, so it can be used in your favorite tactical bag, backpack, tote, or purse.  If you don’t have Velcro loop inside your favorite bag, or you want to use the bag holster in a car console, desk drawer, or even behind a headboard on your bed, we provide the Velcro loop along with your Bag Holster!

The possibilities are endless!