• Engineered just for a woman!
  • Optimizes comfort and concealability for the female shape and wardrobe.
  • Does not require a gun belt.
  • Carry in any position including cross-draw.
  • Easy removal when necessary without having to remove your handgun from the holster.
  • Standard N8² Tactical, Inc. total isolation from every part of the handgun!
  • Safety without sacrificing comfort.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Made in the USA!

2 reviews for Hers™ – Compact

  1. Diane

    I’d been searching for a comfortable IWB holster for a long time. This is the most comfortable one I’ve ever tried. I wear it daily at my job on the range and I never even know that I’m wearing it. It’s that comfortable. I highly recommend and will buying another.

  2. Mandy Galster (verified owner)

    ‘Hers’ came along just in time to save my sanity! Within the first two years of concealed carrying, I bought six different holsters and was not comfortable with any of them. I wanted a secure fit, comfort, and easy access without extra bulk that I can’t conceal on my smaller frame. I had to sacrifice one or two of those things with every holster I tried. Then I saw ‘Hers’ in my USCCA magazine and decided to give it a try. It is awesome!!! I’m 5’5″, 120 lbs, and have no hips to speak of, so wearing a gun belt is uncomfortable because of how tight I have to cinch it or I have to wear it higher on the waist which makes drawing my gun awkward and obvious. The clip on my ‘Hers’ holster negates the need for a belt, thus giving me more comfort, easier access, and allows me to reposition more freely if need be. The gun sits fully in the holster so that the handle is snug against my body yet doesn’t restrict my access to it. I can now carry in any style of shirt again without having to wear an extra long and loose shirt or having to throw an overshirt on to conceal the butt of my gun sticking out. Freedom! Thank you, n82tactical for a fantastic product!

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