• Patented Design
  • Tuckable Design
  • Complete Isolation
  • Durable Leather Surface
  • Moisture Proof Neoprene Core
  • Soft Suede Backing
  • Dense Herringbone Elastic
  • Lifetime Warranty

2 reviews for Tuckable™ Compact

  1. PATRICK L WINGFIELD (verified owner)

    Tuckable compact for SW M&P Shield 45. Received mine yesterday. Wore it all day around the house and while working in my garage. Very comfortable and secure. Print is slight under a tee shirt, but someone would have to look close. It does not bother me if someone looks close and questions themselves is he or isn’t he? Hides well under a full shirt with tail out. I carry appendix style. Happy with quality instruction.

  2. Clay Smitson (verified owner)

    Finally, a tuckable holster that you don’t have to wear two shirts with to be comfortable! With other IWB holsters the grip of my S&W Shield would dig in to my side and I couldn’t wait to get them off at the end of the day. I wear a t-shirt to work in the summer, but it has to be tucked in, so tuckable is a must. Most of us wear t-shirts in the summer and the lining on this one can’t even be felt against the skin. The single clip makes it easy to put on and take off, while keeping it secure when drawing. Retention is excellent when wearing the holster. If you aren’t into the rigid Kydex shell, this retention system is perfect since the outline is minimized, and is much less bulky. The only way I can feel it is there is just the light added weight of the handgun, no irritation and it keeps the handgun in the perfect position with the grip against your side with minimal printing. The only reason I’m not giving it five stars is that it takes two hands to reholster since it does not stay open after drawing, but if you think about it reholstering is the least of your concerns if you have to defend yourself by using your handgun. No more boxes of ditched concealment holsters for me.

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