• Patented Design
  • Secure Twist Release™ Retention System
  • Firearm Specific Polycarbonate
  • One Hand Holstering
  • Four Height Adjustment Options
  • Adjustable Cant
  • Durable Leather Surface
  • Moisture Proof Neoprene Core
  • Soft Suede Backing
  • Tuckable Design
  • Lifetime Warranty

11 reviews for Pro Tandem™ Traditional 1911

  1. Dan Thompson (verified owner)

    After 2 months of wearing this holster almost every day, I can say this is unequivocally the most comfortable & practical IWB holster I’ve found for my Springfield Loaded 1911 (5″ barrel). I’ve tried others that were supposed to be the best … they weren’t … this Pro Tandem is! Thanks Nate & Nate for the most comfortable IWB holster I’ve ever worn!

  2. Chad

    The most comfortable IWB holster for 1911’s.. the weight is distributed very nicely in the tandem,
    A 1911 4″ .45 compact disappears under shorts and t-shirt. I could not be happier with this holster!

  3. Daniel (verified owner)

    I don’t know how much money I’ve wasted trying to find a comfortable 1911 holster. I’ve actually completely forgotten today I’m carrying a 5 inch 1911 on my hip. Amazing.

  4. James Hamilton (verified owner)

    Being a big guy from the Southeast, where summer is 100% humidity and 95 plus temps, the tee shirt was AWEFUL in the summer. This is the BEST there is- PERIOD! Just like they say no more tee shirt, no sweaty gun and all day comfort. If I could have found this years ago they would have saved me 100’s on other holsters that now gather dust.

  5. Darcy (verified owner)

    I got this today and wore for the entire day. Even though I have a Para Warthog, It was so comfortable to wear I almost did feel it. Most IWB’s I have tried you could really feel the weight and it digging into your side. To be honest my two extras I was carrying felt heavier than my pistol did. Great Job N82!!

  6. Edward Burns (verified owner)

    Has got to be the best IWB holster on the market. Well worth the price. Bought this one for my Springfield Champion. Extremely comfortable. Didn’t even need to adjust the cant, they’ve already set it up correctly. Excellent quality and craftsmanship. Nice work guys. I’ve recommended it to several I know that carry concealed. Will definitely purchase additional holsters for other guns I have.

  7. Bradley Baker (verified owner)

    Absolutely the most comfortable IWB holsters available. I recently stopped by N82 for some shopping. I have to say that I was greeted by a very polite and professional employee. Something you don’t see to often anymore. Thank you N82 for making great products!

  8. Francis Perkins

    I have had my N82 Tactical Pro holster for 3 years now, it was the first tuck able holster I bought and I have loved it everyday I have worn it.

  9. Tyler Williams (verified owner)

    Just received my first N82 holster , a Pro Tandem for a 5 inch full weight 1911. This is without a doubt the most comfortable holster I have ever owned.
    All my future IWB holsters will be an N82 brand holster. If you are new to concealed carry and reading this, do yourself a favor. Instead of buying hundreds of dollars worth of holsters in search of something absolutely comfortable (Like me). Do yourself a favor and try a N82 holster!

  10. Jon Johnson (verified owner)

    Just received my Pro Tandem from N82 it is every bit as comfortable as the original pro I already own. N82 holsters are second to none in my honest opinion I have contacted them in the past with questions and they are always prompt and polite. Plus its an American made product! I’m a big guy and both of my holsters are so comfortable I have fallen asleep in them. You wont regret buying one.

  11. Ron Ames

    This is my second N82 Pro Tandem. First, it is extremely comfortable. Second, there is almost zero break-in required. I have used it with bike shorts, jeans, khakis and it has worked great for everything. I was skeptical, so my first one was for a S&W Shield. My second one was for my Kimber Crimson Pro. I am very pleased with both so far.

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