•Does the Envoy and Ambassador Series holsters require a twist to release the handgun?

No.  The Envoy and Ambassador Series holsters utilize a thermoformed Kydex that is .093 thick.  This thermoplastic is more flexible than the materials used on our positive retention Professional and Pro Tandem Series holsters.  A quick upward draw stroke will release the handgun.  As with all of our holster designs, the backing material of the holster will form to the handgun in a short period of time.  This natural relaxation of the leather will make the draw stroke smoother.  We suggest you wear the holster around the house, while watching tv, or perhaps just lay down on the couch or in a recliner and take a nap.  This will allow the holster to form around your handgun and will give you the opportunity to move the holster around to different locations inside the waistband to find where it is most comfortable for you.

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