• How does the Twist Release™ work with the Professional and Pro Tandem Series holster?

The Twist Release™ of the Professional and Pro Tandem Series holsters are a positive retention system.  This ensures that the handgun will not come out of the holster unless you draw it.  100% of the retention is at the front of the trigger guard.  When you perform the Twist Release™, you drop the front of the trigger guard below the retention bump and the handgun is released (see pic 3 below).  Keep in mind that you are only dropping the front of the trigger guard .110 or less, so the twist is not an exaggerated movement.  However, as with all holsters, we suggest you train with the holster and develop the necessary muscle memory.  Check out the videos below on the Professional and Pro Tandem Series holsters by Nate Beard and Nate Johnson.

As with all of our holster designs, the backing material of the holster will form to the handgun in a short period of time.  This natural relaxation of the leather will make the draw stroke smoother.  We suggest you wear the holster around the house, while watching tv, or perhaps just lay down on the couch or in a recliner and take a nap.  This will allow the holster to form around your handgun and will give you the opportunity to move the holster around to different locations inside the waistband to find where it is most comfortable for you.

**Please note that in order for the Twist Release™ retention to work as designed, you must be wearing the holster.  All of our holsters require pressure from the body on the suede side of the holster in order to properly retain the firearm.



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