Brian P – Pro Tandem Glock Holster

I just want to say thank you! I am a big guy, and I have purchased numerous holsters with the hopes of finding comfort that I can tolerate all day, every day, and still be concealed. I finally came across your website, and decided to purchase your Pro Tandem Glock holster with twist retention and give it a try. I absolutely LOVE it! It truly is the most comfortable holster ever! It gives enough retention to secure the firearm, yet is still easy and quick to draw. Most of all… no more pinching, or rubbing the skin! It actually feels great! This will be my go to place to buy holsters from now on, and I will HIGHLY recommend your business to everyone! Please keep up the great work! I truly believe because of the comfort level this holster provides, it can help save lives due to more law abiding citizens actually choosing to carry more often now that it no longer hurts! Great job & many thanks!

-Brian P

E. Fox – Professional Holster & Customer Service

I have been using the Pro holster for several years for every day carry and absolutely love it. It is the most comfortable way to carry I have ever found. If I had found it years ago, I would not have box full of holsters that I don’t use. I sent it in for the clip upgrade and got it back in four days including shipping time. UNBELIEVABLE service and quality workmanship. THANK YOU!

Henry S – Pro Tandem Holster

I just received my pro tandem. I couldn’t be any happier. My brother in law sold this holster for you. He bought his at a gunshow about 6 years ago and raves about it. He told me how comfortable his is. I’ll be honest I didn’t want to spend that much money on a holster but I’m so happy I did. I like it so much I don’t want to take it off. Thank you so much for such a great product. You have my business for my holster needs from now on. Thank you .

Ted – Original for my Shield 9mm

My original with shield 9mm is by far the best most comfortable holster I have ever used. Carry everyday all day and literally forget it’s there. It’s kind of like wearing a watch. You don’t feel it until you think about it! Great job!! Thanx.

Joe – My Professional M&P Shield

The Professional Model for my M&P Shield is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I’ve ever worn. Like your ad with the guy asleep on the couch, it is so comfortable.  I too have dozed off on the couch wearing it and my shape is not nearly as trim as his. I have told every shooter at my gun club of the extreme comfort and positive gun retention of your holster. I hope this boosts your sales here in Cheyenne. Thanks for a great product.

Hard to please, but happy customer

“I have two N82 holsters and I love them both, the perfect combination of comfort and secure retention. However, what I am writing about today is their customer service. When I ordered my last holster, the web site said it could take up to three weeks to receive it. I think that must be a typo, because I had it in my hands three days later, shipped all the way across the country. Plus, when I have had a question, they have responded quickly and intelligently. These people are doing it right!”

Anthony – Awaken Company from Central Kentucky

You guys have done it…You’ve took over as my preferred holster maker! I just wanted to email you guys and brag on your product for a second and share my experience(s)….
I got my first N82 holster about 3 months ago. I had it on order with a buddies shop and they got it in while I was in the hospital with my daughter for 5-6 days. As you probably know – Hospital sleeping arrangements are not for those who seek comfort haha. And my past holster was NOT cutting it for comfort while sleeping on that sorry excuse for a recliner, fold-out-bed thing that they give you.
On about day 2 of my hospital visit, my buddy called me and let me know my holster was in. So I cut out to grab lunch and go pick it up. I went ahead and put the holster on as I came back to the hospital and was AMAZED at the level of comfort that it brought to carrying my gun. Pretty much any uncomfortable situation is brought to fruition at a hospital haha…I slept on that gun, sit awkwardly with it for hours every day, etc. It never once bothered me. (That was for carrying my Glock26, H&K VP9…I got the Original Full Size so I could swap around easily depending on what gun I decided to carry)
Again, that was about 3 months ago when we were in the hospital with my daughter. While I was there, I became convinced that this was “THE HOLSTER”…the Bees Kness…the holy grail of holsters…Okay you get it.
With all that said, I’ve not took it off since. Well, until Saturday when I got another “Original” for my Sig 938 (my Summer Carry gun). I have to say….this little carry rig (cheesy phone picture attached) is even better than the G26/VP9 setup. So beyond comfy!
I recommend you guys to everyone that I know now, and I share my “testing stories” of the holster with them…I always point out “it’s so comfy you can sleep on it” lol. They just kind of laugh until they’ve had to do it themselves. The level of comfort, security and versatility you get with the “Original” holsters is insane. I’m also a professional web designer/developer and photographer for a living….My buddy/client RecycledFirefighter.com has a huge following and is putting me in charge of his Blog, to write articles that pertain to the EDC community. So expect a name-drop or two along the way while i’m blogging about gear on there
Coming from a guy who has carried every day for years now – Thank you guys so much for making a great quality holster at a more than reasonable price.

Rick from NC

Well, you’ve done it again. I am totally blown away. I just received my second holster Thursday, and put it on right away. I was skeptical at first because I was going to carry a full size frame auto. However, my suspicions were completely unfounded. Even with the added weight of the firearm, I couldn’t even tell I was wearing it. I cannot understand why anyone would buy anything else for concealed carry. This really is absolutely the most comfortable holster ever invented. All other concealed carry holsters are a waste of time and money. This is the last holster (or first as the case may be!) anyone should ever buy. If you ever sell stock in for your company, please let me know, I want in on that! I am telling everyone I know about these holsters and I am going to do everything I can to get our local dealers to carry your product line. I will soon be ordering my third holster for yet another different pistol as well as two or three mag holsters. This holster really is comfortable enough to sleep in. I cannot think of any improvements that I would make to your products. Keep it up, guys! If I am ever down your way, I’d love to take a tour. Thank you for everything that you have done and are continuing to do for the market and gun owners everywhere. Rick Carter in Murphy, NC Sent from my iPad

Pat from West Virginia

After going thru countless holsters that are suppose to be the “Best, most comfortable” I was ready to give up the search. I watched The Yankee Marshals review of your Pro Model and decided to give it a shot. Without a doubt your N82 Pro holster is the Best, Most Comfortable Holster that I have ever worn. Now all the other holsters are going on Ebay because I no longer have any need for them. Thanks for a great holster.

Myron from FL

The Pro Series was my fourth holster for my Kimber 380 Micro. I was concerned the ridged polycarbonate and the twisting action to remove the weapon was going to be uncomfortable and slow on the draw. Here’s something you don’t hear from engineers… “I was totally wrong” I cannot imagine a better made or comfortable holster. Thanks guys. Great job.