Ozome – Hers™ Holster

I don’t usually do product endorsements but…. I’ve been looking for a holster for years which I could comfortably wear, while working around the house/yard. I don’t know how many holsters I now have in my closet/dresser; they were all uncomfortable, not very secure, or too hot to wear while working in the NM sun.

After reading an article, my Husband bought me this holster for my backup .380 and I LOVE it! I usually carry in the cross draw configuration, because carrying on my hip can be uncomfortable. With this holster I can carry on my hip again. I work in the yard, bend up an down, and the holster and gun remain securely in place. In fact, this thing is so light and comfortable I have to keep checking to make sure it’s still in place and that my gun is still there. Very easy to forget I have it on.

My Husband is going to buy a holster for his gun. If you are looking for the right fit, I highly recommend this product!

Brian I. – Customer for Life

Just wanted to give y’all a shout out. I ordered my first holster from y’all 7 years ago for a Glock 27 and still wear it today. It’s past the test of time and proven it’s comfortablity and reliability. Since then I have gotten several of my coworkers to try one your products and they all couldn’t be happier. I just recently purchased my wife a holster from y’all as well as ordered myself a new one for my Glock 43. Again thank you for your product and the quality you put in them. Customer for life.

Jim C. Military and Law Enforcement Veteran

I am veteran of the military as well as law enforcement with over 25 years in. I have worked assignments in special operations, SWAT, homeland security, etc. I now work the private sector in much nicer surroundings providing executive protection, physical security and threat assessments.. Your holsters have to be some of the best that I have ever encountered – I own two. I have to say that I have tried other holsters that boast similar quality or design features, but time and again, I return to my N82 Tactical holster. It is a “comfortable” quality holster. I have found your customer service to be phenomenal as well and do appreciate the ‘Crafted With Pride In The USA’ American Flag tag. Keep up the good work and thank you for creating quality products for those that serve.

MSG Tim Welcher Combatives Instructor

Thank you for the holsters you provided 3rd Special Forces Group.  I have used them in several of our Combatives courses that I teach.  As a Combatives Instructor, I think the retention of your holsters is awesome.  Some shooters might over look the necessity, because their focus is on beating a clock.  In an actual fight, holsters without retention are prone to allowing your pistol to fall out or be drawn by the enemy.  Your holsters alleviate this.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you for your support!


MSG Tim Welcher

Combatives Instructor

James S. – Professional Glock Compact

I’m writing you today to commend you on an outstanding product. As a 20 year veteran in law enforcement, holsters are a big part of my daily life. I carry my weapons on me every day. I have tried several dozen IWB holsters and spent hundreds of dollars looking for that one holster that will meet all my needs. I bought a Glock 27 from a friend and he gave me his IWB holster for that weapon. It just happen to be your IWB Professional series. I loved it, I soon started ordering N82 holsters for all my concealed carry weapons. I now own 8 of your holsters and will soon have to order a holster for my Taurus 605 revolver. I ordered several holsters from e-bay not knowing that I could have ordered from your web site, but my last was ordered though your web site and I will order from you web site from this point forward. I display your N82 decal proudly on my vehicle and look forward to doing business with you more in the future.

Heather M. – Original Micro-compact

I just want to say this is the best holster I have ever bought! It’s so comfortable often I forget I have my gun when wearing it. Long trips in the car, hiking, shopping even sleeping with is on. It really is that awesome! I just ordered a new holster for my new Glock! Can’t wait to wear it! I won’t ever by a holster anywhere else! Thanks so much!!

Bruce A – Professional 938

I just wanted you to know, I like most gun owners have a box full of holsters.  I ordered three of your holsters on the chance that they would work.  I carry every day and use different guns depending on what I am going to do that day.  I have just got to say I hit the jackpot, these are without a doubt the best holsters I have every worn.  I almost forget they were on my side, I caught myself checking several times to make sure I had not lost my gun, because they are so comfortable you forget your wearing it.  Again thanks for such a great product.  Say hi to Nate and Nate for me!

Brian P – Pro Tandem Glock Holster

I just want to say thank you! I am a big guy, and I have purchased numerous holsters with the hopes of finding comfort that I can tolerate all day, every day, and still be concealed. I finally came across your website, and decided to purchase your Pro Tandem Glock holster with twist retention and give it a try. I absolutely LOVE it! It truly is the most comfortable holster ever! It gives enough retention to secure the firearm, yet is still easy and quick to draw. Most of all… no more pinching, or rubbing the skin! It actually feels great! This will be my go to place to buy holsters from now on, and I will HIGHLY recommend your business to everyone! Please keep up the great work! I truly believe because of the comfort level this holster provides, it can help save lives due to more law abiding citizens actually choosing to carry more often now that it no longer hurts! Great job & many thanks!

-Brian P

E. Fox – Professional Holster & Customer Service

I have been using the Pro holster for several years for every day carry and absolutely love it. It is the most comfortable way to carry I have ever found. If I had found it years ago, I would not have box full of holsters that I don’t use. I sent it in for the clip upgrade and got it back in four days including shipping time. UNBELIEVABLE service and quality workmanship. THANK YOU!

Henry S – Pro Tandem Holster

I just received my pro tandem. I couldn’t be any happier. My brother in law sold this holster for you. He bought his at a gunshow about 6 years ago and raves about it. He told me how comfortable his is. I’ll be honest I didn’t want to spend that much money on a holster but I’m so happy I did. I like it so much I don’t want to take it off. Thank you so much for such a great product. You have my business for my holster needs from now on. Thank you .