Anthony – Awaken Company from Central Kentucky

You guys have done it…You’ve took over as my preferred holster maker! I just wanted to email you guys and brag on your product for a second and share my experience(s)….
I got my first N82 holster about 3 months ago. I had it on order with a buddies shop and they got it in while I was in the hospital with my daughter for 5-6 days. As you probably know – Hospital sleeping arrangements are not for those who seek comfort haha. And my past holster was NOT cutting it for comfort while sleeping on that sorry excuse for a recliner, fold-out-bed thing that they give you.
On about day 2 of my hospital visit, my buddy called me and let me know my holster was in. So I cut out to grab lunch and go pick it up. I went ahead and put the holster on as I came back to the hospital and was AMAZED at the level of comfort that it brought to carrying my gun. Pretty much any uncomfortable situation is brought to fruition at a hospital haha…I slept on that gun, sit awkwardly with it for hours every day, etc. It never once bothered me. (That was for carrying my Glock26, H&K VP9…I got the Original Full Size so I could swap around easily depending on what gun I decided to carry)
Again, that was about 3 months ago when we were in the hospital with my daughter. While I was there, I became convinced that this was “THE HOLSTER”…the Bees Kness…the holy grail of holsters…Okay you get it.
With all that said, I’ve not took it off since. Well, until¬†Saturday¬†when I got another “Original” for my Sig 938 (my Summer Carry gun). I have to say….this little carry rig (cheesy phone picture attached) is even better than the G26/VP9 setup. So beyond comfy!
I recommend you guys to everyone that I know now, and I share my “testing stories” of the holster with them…I always point out “it’s so comfy you can sleep on it” lol. They just kind of laugh until they’ve had to do it themselves. The level of comfort, security and versatility you get with the “Original” holsters is insane. I’m also a professional web designer/developer and photographer for a living….My buddy/client has a huge following and is putting me in charge of his Blog, to write articles that pertain to the EDC community. So expect a name-drop or two along the way while i’m blogging about gear on there
Coming from a guy who has carried every day for years now – Thank you guys so much for making a great quality holster at a more than reasonable price.