Dan in Kalifornia

I bought two of your Professional models. I have carried concealed for 40 years, 30 of which I was a Police Officer for a large west coast department
I literally have boxes of holsters I have collected over the years.
Yours are the best and most comfortable I have ever used.
What I really like is the fact that the entire weapon is protected from sweaty parts of the body. I don’t like rusty guns
My Sig P238 in your Professional model is a dream to wear.
Actually, I spent nights working on a holster (in my head) that was similar to yours.
I found your site by sheer accident only because someone mentioned it on a forum.
On top of all that, this is a very high-quality holster and looks like it would last a lifetime……..
It appears to be worth every penny, and I am trying to decide which gun I will be buying a holster for next…….
I don’t normally take the time to write something like this but I thought you should know because you really did do a great job on your holster